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    Accounting Services

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Accounting and Auditing Sector

This Sector provides investment entities and individuals with services in the fields of accounting, auditing and bookkeeping in accordance with the accepted accounting methods, rules and standards and in accordance with the laws and regulations organizing the accounting and auditing profession. The services cover the preparation of the documentation cycle that suits each business and eventually producing the closing financial statements, financial reports and financial analysis as follows:

  • Preparing documentation cycle for single-person companies and corporate of various types in a way that is commensurate with their different activities.
  • Reviewing and monitoring accounts of single-person companies, shareholders companies, individual and investment institutions, preparing their relevant balance sheet and financial statements.
  • Providing corporate and others with trained technical calibers of the highest professional and technical levels in finance and administration fields.
  • Preparing financial reports and analyses of financial statements to assist top management levels in taking their decisions and developing their future policies.
  • Provide advice and consultation to address deficiencies (if any) to achieve the economic objectives of the project through periodic review reports.

In the Field of Accounting and Auditing of  Joint Stock Companies:

  • Reviewing and monitoring the accounts of the Falcon Group which include:  

             - International Company for Security and Services (in association with KPMG Office).

             - Falcon Money Transfer Services Company.

             - Sharma Falcon for Security Services.

            - Falcon Technical and Security Systems (Falcon Tech).

            - Falcon Company for General Services and Project Management.

  • Reviewing and monitoring  accounts of the National Company( Falcon Security and Guards).
  • Reviewing and monitoring  accounts of Al-Tarabot Company for Information Technology and Communications security.
  • Reviewing and monitoring accounts of Arab Real Estate Investment Company.
  • Reviewing and monitoring accounts of the Arab Hotels Investment Company.
  • Reviewing and monitoring the accounts of Al-Mutawa Egypt Group Corporation - offshore company.
  • Reviewing and monitoring accounts of Kenana Company for Integrated Agricultural Development.
  • South Valley Cement Company.
  • Overseas company for cars and cargo transport.
  • Al-Salmiyaah company for publicity, advertising, publishing and contracting.
  • IDM compaany for Real Estate Investments – locatedd in london.
  • Agents of KAY & CO. company for Real Estate Investment- located in london.
  • Agents of Bfairs company for financial investments- located in london.
  • Nahdet Misr Company for Modern Environmental Services.
  • Besides number of sol proprietorship companies and  money companies.


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