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    Financial Services

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Project Appraisal and Evaluation and Liquidation Sector

The Corporation conducts inspection works to evaluate assets, material and moral components of all projects, as well as evaluating and appraising all types of preparations, machines, equipment, raw materials, products, lands and real estate through a team of appraisers and real estate developers accredited by the Central Bank of Egypt and the Financial Regulatory Authority.

The Corporation provides its services to all clients such as companies, institutions, public, private and investment sectors by providing the following services:

  • Evaluating integrated projects (industrial - tourism - service - commercial).
  • Evaluating Real estate assets (identifying the technical elements for estimating the value of lands and real estate).
  • Evaluating preparations, decorations, and furnishings.
  • Evaluating transportation means.
  • Evaluating projects in progress.
  • Following up projects (existing and in progress).
  • Evaluating Prices.
  • Evaluating and auditing goods and inventory.
  • Restructuring of stumbling projects.
  • Inspection and damage assessment works.


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