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    Financial Services

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Administrative and Legal Advice and Debt Collection

One of the most important reasons that impedes the progress of companies and lead to their failure is the inability to collect debts due from their clients, a matter that leads the company to an insolvent position in terms of their inability to pay their obligations to banks and individuals within the specified dates or expand their activities, whether commercial, industrial or service.

In this aspect, the Corporation works on collecting debts for its clients and on their behalf through a legal team capable of collection by various ways, as follows:

  • Collecting the insolvent company’s bad debts or rescheduling in a way that enables the company to meet its periodic obligations.
  • Take the necessary legal actions to collect debts in the event that the company’s debtors fail to pay in order to preserve the company's rights.
  • Working on setting off a clearance between the company's debts and their dues to others in a way that serves the company's interest.

The Corporation provides its services through a legal team at the highest level in various aspects of legal advice to carry out account lawsuits and collect customer dues by legal procedures as quickly as possible.


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