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Transactions and Tax Adjustments Sector

This sector provides its services and expertise in the tax fields as well as carrying out tax auditing and tax accounting for corporate, institutions, public, private, investment and business sector as follow:

  • Carrying out tax auditing of all kinds.
  • Conducting appeal procedures before specialized committees in a way that serves the interests of clients.
  • Adjustment various tax debts.
  • Cancellation of tax attachment placed by tax directorates of all types on corporate and entities.
  • Submitting briefs (oral and written) before all relevant bodies at all levels in the field of taxes (general - value added - wages and salaries - stamp ... etc).
  • Preparing monthly and annual wages and salaries adjustments.

The corporation has extensive experience in dealing with cases referred to the Combating Tax Evasion and Public Funds Prosecution.


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