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Evaluation & Restructuring Studies of Lagging Projects

The Corporation provides advisory services for projects that encounter any type of lagging behind or that aim to increase their market share and in turn their production rates.

Through conducting a comprehensive study of the project, the most important real causes of failure, whether economic, financing or marketing,  are determined with the intention of pinpointing the potential of the project to survive economically and financially. Then, operational plans are developed to address the points of weakness and overcome the existing failure, then achieving the optimal economic operation of the project. Of the most important causes of failure which the Corporation studies and surches for means of addressing them through specialized advisory work teams:

  • Administrative aspects
  • Technical aspects
  • Marketing aspects
  • Financial and Financing aspects

The Corporation presents its technical report about the condition of the project to the project management along with a recommendation of the decisions to be taken.

In the event that a decision is made for restructuring:

  • The Corporation prepares an integrated technical report that includes all the previous elements and items in addition to the amount of funds needed for the project according to the results of the study.
  • Starting the administrative and technical restructuring of the project and issuing a report that includes the procedures that have been implemented as well as the required recommendations.

In the event that a decision is made for selling and liquidation

  • The Corporation prepares a technical report that includes all the physical and moral components of the project and the technical study that has been carried out in addition to all data and information that serves the sale process.

The Corporation carries out all sales and liquidation procedures on behalf of its clients in a manner that achieves the maximum possible benefit for the insterst of its customers.


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